General Information and Etiquette

If this is your first time at this kind of event, you might want to review the information here to be prepared.

Before you arrive:

  1. Check the website event information for themes or special notes.
  2. Wash up or shower prior to arriving. It helps you smell, taste, and feel better to others and makes you more approachable. Both men and women should sure that you are properly groomed and presented, and don’t forget to dress in clean, nice clothes. Much like you would on an important date, your goal here is to dress to impress others. Assume the same kind of dress code as a nice club or bar
  3. If you require special sized condoms, extra towels, or any additional toys/equipment, please bring your own.
  4. BYOB: Bring what you would like to drink for the evening, but keep it reasonable. The point is to have fun, not to get drunk.

At the event:

  1. Participation in any event is not required or expected. Relax and enjoy the evening.
  2. Please respect the boundaries of other members. Always ask before touching or proceeding physically with another member. ALWAYS ask before touching. No response is a No!
  3. Members are expecting you to be honest. A “no thank you” is well received in this group. A response of “not right now” to avoid hurting someone’s feelings will only result in them returning hoping now is the right time.
  4. “Hovering” never works. While you are encouraged to wander the event and check things out, it is obvious when a single male is “hovering” around and around hoping for an opportunity. Your chances greatly improve if you just sit still.  Strike up a conversation. Make a friend. You never know where it is going to lead.  Hovering, with very few exceptions, will leave you empty handed…or not in this case. 🙂
  5. Avoid disturbing or annoying other members with your actions. Keep talking to a reasonable volume and avoid discussing things that might ruin the mood for others.
  6. Ensure surfaces are wiped free of fluids.
  7. Properly dispose of condoms.
  8. Clean up toys and pillows and leave the area in a neat fashion for the next group of members.
  9. Alert Hosts to any issues that might require immediate attention.