Queen’s Harem

Queen’s Harem is a private event at the request of a woman seeking to fulfill a fantasy.

Fantasies can include (but are not limited to) being worshiped, pampered and pleasured by multiple men at one time.

To request a fantasy event:

1. Submit a request (see below)

2. Attend a planning meeting to:
Select your harem
Select available dates

3. Arrive the day of the event*

*Due to the time and effort involved to coordinate these events, a $100 deposit is required to request an event. All or most of which is returned on the day of the event.

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Describe your fantasy, please be as detailed as possible (i.e. number of men, number of women, race, age, size, etc.)

I understand that I am requesting a special event which will require me to attend a planning session, a $100 refundable deposit, and I will arrive on the date identified at the planning session

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