Play, have fun and respect the other members.

Life Happens, we get it:

  1. Let us know if you are going to be late.
  2. Let us know if you need to cancel.
  3. We are players, not just hosts. PLEASE don’t leave us at the door waiting for you.
  4. Multiple marks for failing to appear will result in loss of membership.


Stats about who’s attending:
We love our members and the we know you want to know who is attending which event.  Whereas we are not yet ready to post information about who will be attending, We are happy to reveal the statistics.

When you RSVP, the morning of the event, you will receive an emailed invitation with details about the event such as the address, special event details and the stats for that event…but remember, some folks are a bit indecisive or spontaneous and the information is ever changing up to the time of the event.

Party Rules:
PI Club isn’t just a party. We are building a community. Most of these rules are obvious, but let’s list them just to be sure. Violating one of these rules will result in immediate removal from an event without refund:

  1. Absolutely no cell phones, cameras, or recording devices of any kind. No exceptions.
  2. No touching without permission.
  3. No means NO. Any conduct requiring an apology will be considered a violation of this rule.
  4. Play at your own risk. We provide certain amenities, such as condoms, however it is ultimately your own responsibility to ensure your own health when enjoying this lifestyle.
  5. Refrain from activities that will ruin the mood and experience for others. Such as:
  1. No sleeping.
  2. Be respectful while watching. No laughing, mocking, pointing, or rude behavior
  3. Leave the office at the office – no sales pitches
  4. Drink to your delight, but don’t get drunk.
  1. Couples must arrive and leave as couples (Exception: Females may arrive ahead of their dates).

Leave the drama at home! Come play and have fun!

I will say it a thousand times, “Keep it to the parties”, but y’all don’t listen. You get yourselves neck deep into a sticky situation and look to me to solve it! If you are to the point that you’re involving me to solve the problem, you are both out. I don’t play he said, she said games. So put your big boy pants or big girl panties on and work it out like adults. I’m here to guide where I can (see “Keep it to the parties”) and to allow room to learn as you navigate this lifestyle. But if I am asked to solve a matter, I’ll solve it.